Marketing is a never-ending, 24/7 job. When one project ends, another begins in a continuous cycle to increase awareness, engagement, outreach, and build community around a brand, product, or service.

Yet, business owners continue to devalue the marketing department. First, by stifling it’s operating budget. And, second, by only making one hire.

A one-person marketing department never delivers on the value business owners think it should. Here are our top 8 reasons why.

1. Marketing involves 40+ disciplines. One marketing person, no matter how experienced, won’t even have a basic knowledge of each.

2. Marketing requires various soft skills.
 These soft skills are rarely all mastered by one personality type: communication, critical observation, problem solving, empathy, flexibility, and interpersonal.

3. Overhead vs. budget.
 The more you spend on talent, the less you have for expenses to create the actual marketing materials and programs.

4. Blinders.
 A one-person marketing team only offers one perspective and one experience — their own. The most successful teams strike a powerful balance of diversity in age, background, technological skill, and industries served.

5. Death by 1,000 tactics.
 When only one person is responsible for creating, editing, analyzing, adjusting, and responding, who is there to keep the high-level view of the future?

6. Falling for the latest craze.
 A lack of experience and little time for a big-picture view can result in marketing initiatives that follow the latest trends, but aren’t necessarily the ideal way to reach your audience or impact your sales results.

7. The comfort zone. 
Yes, a marketing program may seem to be working good enough. But who has the accountability to constantly ask, “Could it be better?”

8. B2B versus B2C.
 There are both differences and overlaps of business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing. A lack of knowledge in this area can cause messaging that doesn’t resonate and campaigns that fall flat.

Even if you can’t afford all of the layers, it is difficult to shortcut the need for strategic, executive-level thinking along with project management, coordination, and analysis, and still have an effective marketing program.

Outsourced marketing services provide the diversity, accountability, and bench strength companies need to fill in the gaps above and more. At Gravity Marketing, we have the daily advantage of working within and learning from multiple clients and industries. Our team members share their collective knowledge to develop new approaches that are truly driving business growth.