Your ads are the voice of what your company offers. In order to generate results, ads should flow seamlessly to a landing page that captures prospect’s attention and peaks their interest in what your organization has to offer. Here you can nudge prospects in the right direction and encourage them to take a specific action on your site. Keep your messaging consistent and engaging to your prospects from the first click through a landing page and finish with a thank-you page.

Post-click Optimization
Your prospect expects to land on a web page that matches the copy and offering they saw when they clicked your ad, do you take them there? If not, you’ve given the prospect a poor experience, paid for an unnecessary ad click, and now they’ve left your site without converting. This is why a well-optimized landing page will help you turn that click into a business opportunity.

To increase your chances of turning a click into a conversion, there are four key elements to perfect your post-click optimization.

  • Matching your message
    To optimize the post-click experience every ad should be connected to a personalized, relevant, dedicated landing page: headline, images, colors, call-to-action, and the same offering. Keeping the user experience consistent from the ad to the landing page keeps them focused on what you have to offer and drives the conversion.

  • One offer, one goal
    Your ad and landing page should both feature one offering with one goal personalized to the user. When a user clicks through your ad your landing page should feature only the initial offer and an obvious call to action element, free from other navigational or external links. Keep your prospect focused and engaged on the offer there should be zero distractions on the landing page.
  • Call to action (CTA)
    You have your prospect on your page, now what? Tell them what you want them to do! Create a prominent and bold CTA that immediately captures your prospect’s attention and persuades them to convert.

  • Thank you
    Show your prospect you appreciate them and build a relationship by providing a sincere thank you and if necessary, an explanation of what next steps they may need to take. This also presents you with another business opportunity, show your prospect any offers you have that might be related to the one they just accepted.

Writing a compelling ad is only half the conversion battle. Stop overlooking what is truly the key to ad conversion and prevent your ads from becoming a sinkhole of money that doesn’t convert into business. Keep your message consistent and focused, match your offer to your goal, give your audience a clear CTA, and say thank you. If you can do this on your landing pages, you will increase your ad conversion rate.