As a fellow small business owner I’m struggling to make sense of the crazy impact this pandemic will have on our business, personal, and family health, as well as the economy as a whole moving forward.

Some businesses have already been severely impacted.

To that, I say:

If you or a business you know of has a marketing emergency, our virtual door is open! Our amazing team wants to help if we can, regardless of what we might get paid for it. 

Some examples of coronavirus-caused marketing emergencies:

  • A brick-and-mortar retailer that needs a quick online store
  • A restaurant that wants to collect online payments instead of handling physical cards
  • A business that couldn’t figure out how to update their website with crucial information for their customers
  • A restaurant that discovered incorrect phone numbers on listings with Yelp, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.
  • A business that needed a quick boost in traffic through PPC advertising on Google or Facebook, etc.
  • A business that hadn’t until now needed to send mass email communications

I often describe our team as expert generalists because there isn’t much we don’t have experience with. If you are suffering from one of the situations above, or just have a marketing question or need advice, we’re happy to have a completely free conversation.

Please send us an email at

On behalf of the whole Gravity team – hang in there everyone!