Business Challenge: A Mobile Home Community business, managing several Communities in different locations in the Midwest, was striving to increase their sales year over year. Before reaching out to us, this Mobile Home Community business was lacking a results-driven marketing strategy, that could increase prospects and real sales. The business was also looking for a way to connect their marketing efforts to their bottom line sales results, understand who visited their website and how they could connect online traffic to sales. 

Our Solution: We used an affordable combination of digital marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, and automation to dramatically increase the sales leads for new and used mobile homes, buyers. Working as their true Marketing Team, we defined a Marketing Strategy and Plan that over the course of a year reached over 40,000 NEW Home Buyers per month, increased their Social Media audience by 267% and their Home Sales by 42%. We built a consistent and reliable Marketing Strategy and System that increased their sales and we can easily do the same for you.

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Proven Results

Increase in NEW home buy applications
Year over revenue increase
Increase of NEW home buyers reached per month
Increase in Social Media followers

About the Client

The Mobile Home Community Business is one of the top sellers of manufactured homes in Wisconsin. In partnership with a property development group, they help home seekers realize their dream of home ownership – without a major financial burden – by helping them buy homes in professionally-managed manufactured housing communities in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa. They also provide the opportunity for financing and insurance of any new home in one easy step.

Industry: Business Services, Consumer Services
Company Size: Small Business
Location: Midwest: Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa

Key Strategic Areas

Sales Oriented Marketing Strategy

Gravity experienced VMO team worked with the Mobile Home Community business leaders to help clarify their business goals, and design a Marketing strategy to reach those goals.

To achieve key sales results we work like a true internal Marketing team that applies B2B sales and marketing expertise to drive sales. We also consistently improve our tactics to answer needs in real-time making sure sales results reach a predictable and consistent pace.

Social Media Marketing

At Gravity Marketing we work with our clients to optimize their social media platforms and drive impressions that lead to conversions. Our goal is to foster social connections and help them reach their highest potential.

Social Media Audience Increase 100%
Social Media Ad Engagement 82%

Website Optimization

Your website is one of the most important assets you have to offer. This was also true for the Mobile Home Community business. A website is open 24/7 and is the first place prospects and current clients go to get to know the business, find information about services and engage with the company. We adjusted the website to create new, unique and fresh content that captured visitors attention and build specific Landing Pages that allowed the user to navigate and convert into a prospect.

Our understanding of Mobile traffic brought a higher level of expertise when revamping the website to guarantee key Mobile traffics. Users were engaged since their first search and touchpoint with the website.

Email Marketing

We used custom email marketing messaging, content and images to spark potential client interest. Together with the right combination of a website landing page and user flow, we were able to generate new leads and sales. Where users got lost before, they now found a place to see the right information according to their buyer journey.

Marketing and Sales Automation

We used the right combination of Marketing automation tools that connected the Social Media Campaigns with the Website, capturing and nurturing the new prospects throughout their buyer journey. Our tools also integrate email marketing campaigns that show how user behavior in real time, allowing for an immediate reach through marketing and sales teams. Triggering the right message to those users who started engaging with our website was key to move them along the way and keep them considering the Mobile Home Community business was their go-to solution.

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