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Managing your team using the Task feature in Zoho CRM

Understanding task management is an essential part of making your CRM successful for your business and your team. Understandingly though, having too many or irrelevant tasks can bog down your sales team and distract them from the more critical tasks that may produce deals.

Join us for this FREE 30-minute webinar on Thursday, October 22nd at 3:00 PM to better understand tasks and help your team engage in improved task management.


  • What tasks are and when you should use them
  • How to set up tasks and reminders within the CRM
    • Create and edit tasks
    • Set repeat tasks
    • Set reminders for tasks
    • Create tasks in bulk
  • What are the best practices for using tasks within a team

We’ll also answer any Zoho CRM questions you have

This event is Online and FREE to attend!  Just RSVP below.

Our monthly Zoho User Sessions are designed to give you the tips, tricks, and tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage your business with Zoho CRM.

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Gravity Marketing LLC is a Zoho Authorized Partner

About Gravity Marketing Zoho User Sessions

Gravity Marketing launched the first and only Zoho User Session in Wisconsin, offering regular sessions throughout the year since 2018. Given the growth in Zoho users we ramped up our session monthly. Join us on the 4th Thursday of the month to share Best Practices, Real Case applications, Tips & Tricks and New Features of ZOHO CRM and related sales and marketing apps.

Attendees have the opportunity to ask their own questions and get real-time solutions for their CRM.

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