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As a Zoho Partner, Gravity Marketing is pleased to be presenting at Zoho Community’s upcoming Zoho User Group Meet-Up right here in Milwaukee, WI! Gravity Marketing’s VP of Digital Marketing, Ana Yardley, will be one of the Zoho experts presenting this Friday, February 7th.


WHAT: Zoho User Group Meet-Up

WHERE: The Vibe – 518 E Concordia Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212

WHEN: 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM

WHO: Zoho Users, Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers

This event is FREE to attend but requires registration

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Session 1: Zoho CRM Basics

12:30 PM to 1:30 PM: How to get started with Zoho CRM? Basic customizations, set up and workflows. (Recommended session for Zoho CRM beginners)

Session 2: Zoho CRM Advanced

1:30 PM to 2.50 PM: How to get business intelligence from Zoho CRM.

Discussion on a few important reports that you can create in Zoho CRM – How to create reports? How to share/schedule? What insights you gain out of these reports?

Sales reporting (revenue, pipelines, goals)
Customer reporting (buying patterns, profitability)
Note: If you want us to discuss any particular report, please write to us at meetups@zohocorp.com at least 7 days before the meetup and we’ll try to include that in the agenda. Don’t forget to mention your user group in the email.

Session 3: Zoho Campaigns

3 PM to 4:30 PM: How to create contextual email campaigns.

Most businesses today function by combining their CRM system with email marketing. Email still remains as the most powerful channel of engagement for many brands, thanks to its reliability. So, how can email be the solution to address some of the biggest business marketing challenges?

We will be discussing how:

Email functions in the age of contextual automation
Consistent and personalized email designs are made
E-commerce email marketing is a thing of the present
Integrated approach elevates email marketing




Gravity Marketing LLC is a Zoho Authorized Partner

 Join us for a Gravity Marketing Zoho User Group

Gravity Marketing launched the first and only Zoho User group in Wisconsin, offering regular sessions throughout the year since 2018. The group meets to share Best Practices, Real Case applications, Tips & Tricks and New Features of ZOHO CRM and related sales and marketing apps.

Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and use their Zoho CRM throughout the session (bring your laptop).

These sessions are in person, free to join and attend. Just RSVP as seats are limited, and dates may change due to weather conditions. Come and be part of this unique ZOHO CRM in person community. Click here to register for our next Zoho User Group.

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