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Next Level Marketing. Gravity Defying Results.

Gravity Marketing is an independent outsourced marketing firm, a Virtual Marketing Officer. We work with you and your team to create goal-based initiatives using various marketing tactics. We have two main goals: to streamline your marketing efforts and to boost lead generation ultimately leading to increased sales.

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Gravity is different because we learn your business in order to develop and tailor a strategy to what works best for you. Then we create a system around that strategy to ensure that you maximize your ROI.

“Gravity really understands our business and orchestrates our comprehensive marketing efforts.”

Ralf Schoenfelder, IGC Technologies, LLC
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Major Accomplishments for Clients

Events We Organize & Launch Per Year
Websites & Web Applications Developed
Content Pieces Created Per Year

Our Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) gives you access to the skills, experience and strategic insight of proven marketing professionals without the premium salary of a full-time Director of Marketing.

As your Virtual Marketing Officer, our team would provide you with:

  • Consistent long-term strategy and execution tailored to your specific goals
  • Sales-driven focus
  • Monthly initiatives and projects that build meaningful interaction with prospects and customers
  • A system around our strategy which includes initiatives, execution, tracking, and more

Result Driven Marketing Tools

All of our marketing tools were carefully thought out with you and your business in mind. Each tool was independently crafted to help executives, like yourself, understand issues, solve problems, and make decisions.

  • Assessing & Prioritizing Marketing
  • Maximizing Trade Show & Event Investments
  • Business Owner’s Guide to Websites
  • Making Your Company a Thought Leader
  • Holding Sales & Marketing Accountable
  • Leveraging Email Marketing
  • Buying & Selling Process

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Gravity Marketing

Gravity Marketing LLC is an independent, outsourced marketing and advertising firm that capitalizes on the broad experience of its experts in marketing, sales, lead generation, media, advertising, printing, web development, direct mail, email marketing, event management, video production, and sales.

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