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Public Relations

It’s true that anyone can be a publisher these days. But while the line between media and consumer may have blurred over the past decade, the weight of third party credibility has not. Gravity’s experienced journalists and public relations experts work to build relationships with local and trade media, understand what story they are looking to share for their audience, and position Gravity clients to be featured as contributing authors, company profiles, or expert sources.

Media companies offer plenty of options for sponsored content as well. We help our clients develop white papers, case studies and technical articles and then promote them through sponsored content as a way to get valuable leads and tangible results.

Public Relations services include:

  • Press release development and distribution
  • Media interview prep and consultation
  • Strategic public relations planning
  • Content-driven initiatives
  • Media planning and buying

Public Relations Can Help Your Business

  • Build credibility in an industry or community

  • Share your expert insights

  • Promote a cause, event, or initiative

  • Influence public opinion

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