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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of making a website visible online – it is what places your website in the unpaid (organic) results section of search engines. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves research analysis, content development, and advanced knowledge of ever changing search engine algorithms to obtain the SEO presence your company needs.

Content Creation

The sole purpose of a search engine is to find answers to the questions people are searching for. So SEO is meaningless without quality content. We work with you to develop a content strategy and then regularly produce content for your site so that your company is positioned as the thought leader in your market.

Keyword Research

We conduct in-depth research to uncover the most precise keywords and phrases that your target audiences use when they are searching for needs related to your product or service. Alt image tags, title tags, keyword phrases and descriptions are modified on your website to create an effective way for search engines to list you in the natural search environment.

Mobile Evaluation

Google and other search engines have modified algorithms which can put your website at risk if it does not maintain a mobile friendly design with relevant information. Today’s technology allows us to use “Responsive Mobile Designs” that allow the website to adjust based on the device or platform viewing it.


Google Analytics goes a long way in understanding where your traffic comes from and why. Our experts leverage additional data and tools to ensure the SEO practices are driving traffic, and that traffic is converting to leads or sales.

Social Media

We heavily encourage and leverage the use of all applicable social media platforms to influence SEO rankings. The reality is that search engines assess hundreds of factors when determining search results. Backlinks and ‘social signals’ are important indicators. That’s why we include social media in your overall SEO strategy and VMO package.

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Though there are many SEO companies to choose from you can trust Gravity Marketing’s SEO experts to help get you there.

SEO and SEM is included within a typical Gravity VMO package, but is also available as an additional project. SEO and SEM are relative to the needs of your company and the target audience you are looking to attract.

Contact our experts today to discuss the best SEO options for your business.

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