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Gravity has the design expertise to create website and ePublications that will increase your return on investment and grow your client base.

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Client Profile

Client Name: Home Source One            
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Industry: Real Estate, Leasing, Construction

Home Source One is a top seller of manufactured homes in Wisconsin, and owns and operates many manufactured home communities throughout the Midwest. To suit their unique needs, we updated their website to give it a modern look, added a more robust search feature that enables users to find available homes, and improved the manufactured home listings. We are also continuing to add convenience features for community members. To see the new site,

Client Profile

Client Name:  Mixer Systems, Inc.
Location: Pewaukee, WI
Industry: Cement Mixers, Manufacturing, Industrial

Mixer Systems, Inc. prides itself on being a one-stop resource. An 86,000-square-foot facility houses advanced product planning, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and the capability of designing and constructing concrete batch plants from the ground up. The goal for the new website was to streamline the navigation and allow customers easy access to each of their mixer and batch plant product pages. To see the new site, 


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Client Profile

Client Name: Metria Innovation, Inc.
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Industry: 3D Motion Capture & Tracking, Technology, Animation, Biomechanics

Metria Innovation, Inc. was founded in 2008 to change the way 3D motion is captured with their unique Moiré Phase Tracking (MPT) system. MPT technology uses the application of an optical moiré pattern on highly-engineered markers to provide true 3D measurement with a single camera. In recreating the Metria website, the focus was a clean, technology-oriented site which includes not only products, but also the industries and applications that use this technology. To see the new site, visit

Client Profile

Client Name: Premier Medical Staffing Services, LLC
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Industry: Medical, Staffing

Founded in 2002, the goal of Premier Medical Staffing Services, LLC (“Premier”) was to become the most respected and progressive healthcare staffing company in the industry. Premier has the knowledge, resources and proven industry commitment to help clients and healthcare professionals service the increasing demands of today’s changing healthcare landscape. The focus of the new site was the creation of two separate microsites: one targeting employers, and the other targeting prospective and current employees. To see the new site, visit 


Client Profile

Client Name: Agro BioSciences
Location: Wauwatosa, WI
Industry: Microbial Research & Development

Agro BioSciences provides innovative microbial solutions for agricultural and human health needs. With research as a cornerstone of its mission, we are focused on developing novel, science-based products using next-generation technology to identify the distinct and beneficial microbial terroir from complex microbial systems ranging from the human and animal gut to fermented foods. Their ePublication features articles related to food, agriculture, and health microbology, and targets technical scientists in the agricultural industry.


Client Profile

Client Name: Amphomag/Premier Magnesia, LLC
Location: West Conshohocken, PA
Industry: Spill Response & Cleanup

Amphomag™ is a rapid response chemistry that safely adsorbs and treats all spills. This single product can be applied in any emergency situation to safely and easily control hazardous releases, neutralize acids, neutralize bases, adsorb liquids, control odors and neutralize gases. When applied to the spill, Amphomag’s™ color turns to red for acids and blue for bases. Amphomag's ePublication is geared toward professionals in the police/fire, laboratory sciences, hazardous materials, and special law enforcement industries.


Client Profile

Client Name: 
Olympus Group
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Industry: Large Format Digital Printing/Graphics

Olympus Group is a pioneer in the production of large format digital graphics such as outdoor banners, tradeshow exhibits, P.O.P displays, vehicles wraps, and more. Their in-house team can design, print, fabricate, sew/finish, ship, and install everything they produce. In addition, Olympus is the largest manufacturer of mascot costumes in the US, bringing beloved faces such as Chester Cheetah, the Milwaukee Brewers' Racing Sausages, Bucky Badger, and Yogi Bear to life. Olympus' ePublication is aimed at brand marketing professionals and exhibit production companies, featuring articles about digital printing trends, tradeshow tips, and branding strategies.

Client Profile

Client Name: Power Test, Inc.
Location: Sussex, WI
Industry: Testing Equipment, Manufacturing

Power Test, Inc. is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and sale of dynamometer products, heavy equipment testing systems, and related data acquisition and control systems. For nearly 40 years, Power Test has provided specialized dynamometer products and other test equipment to manufacturers, rebuild facilities and distributors serving the mining, oil & gas, power generation, marine, trucking, construction, rail, military industries. Power Test's ePublication provides business as well as technical advice to heavy equipment service shop owners, buyers, and managers.

Client Profile

Client Name: Premier Medical, LLC
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Industry: Medical, Staffing

Founded in 2002, the goal of Premier Medical Staffing Services, LLC (“Premier”) was to become the most respected and progressive healthcare staffing company in the industry. Premier has the knowledge, resources and proven industry commitment to help clients and healthcare professionals service the increasing demands of today’s changing healthcare landscape. Premier Medical's ePublication shares health news stories, career tips, and position information with current and prospective healthcare employees.


Client Profile

Client Name: Soft Touch Bases
Location: Waukesha, WI
Industry: Little League Baseball Safety Equipment

Soft Touch® "Progressive Release" bases are molded from durable cut resistant polyurethane. Made in the USA, all of their bases are designed to flex and absorb energy as a player slides into the base. In case of uncontrolled slides, the patented "Progressive Release" action allows the base to flex until enough force is applied to "pop" the base free from the mount, helping reduce injuries. Soft Touch Bases sends two versions of their ePublication: one to coaches, parents, and team managers, and the other to distributors. Both feature tips and trends geared toward the appropriate audience.



Client Profile

Client Name: Northern Management, LLC
Location: Brookfield, WI
Industry: Property Management, Real Estate

Northern Management owns and manages over 60 apartment complexes throughout Wisconsin with over 4,000 rental units. Designed to promote a sense of community with the ultimate goal of retention, the ePub features articles of interest such as recipes, day trips, apartment decorating and more.

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