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VMO vs. Employee

Our Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) gives you access to the skills, experience and strategic insight of proven marketing professionals without the premium salary of a full-time Director of Marketing.
Every VMO client is assigned a team that consists of a Strategist, a Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, and Graphic Designer. This team of marketing gurus works for your organization to evaluate, recommend, and implement strategic marketing plans. 


We deliver everything you would expect from a Chief Marketing Officer,
but we do it off-site and for a fraction of the price.

Just as if we were a regular employee, there are still additional costs for brochures, creative, web design, or any other products/services.

Still have questions? Read our FAQ.

Why the VMO?

Marketing is more than a slick logo, a brochure, and a website. Great ideas are just ideas without effective strategy, execution, and accountability.

The VMO takes your marketing from being a few graphics and handouts, and builds it into a system – one that creates meaningful interaction between you and your prospects and customers, progresses your relationships with them, and most importantly, creates sales.

Websites, re-branding, brochures, trade shows, and many other marketing “things” are included in the system, but they aren’t the extent of it. If you ask a web designer what you should do for marketing, they will tell you an updated website. If you ask someone in advertising, their answer will be more ads. What most small to medium-sized business need, however, is consistency and long-term strategy. Gravity is different because we learn your business in order to develop and tailor the strategy to what works best for you. Then we create a system around that strategy which includes major initiatives, execution, tracking, and more.

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