Zoho Opens Remote Toolkit To The World – And We Help You Navigate How to Use Them

Zoho was one of the first corporations to open their premium tools for free in face of the current Coronavirus pandemic. Knowing that most businesses around the world need to have their employees working from home, mastering the right set of tools is essential.

The Gravity Marketing team embraced flexible work and working from home since its creation in 2009, but recently we adopted a 100% work from home policy, which also meant some changes in our team routines.

We’re sharing with you our experience using all these tools, and how you can get them for Free.

What is Zoho Remotely?

Zoho Remotely is a bundle of 11 Zoho apps (web and mobile) that is being offered for Free until July 1, 2020. Zoho hopes the Coronavirus crisis tides are over by then. This is a true offer to help business strive in these tough times.

You can use Zoho Remotely for at least 100 Employees.

How to Signup for Free Zoho Remotely Apps?

Signup for the full bundle of Zoho Remotely (11 apps) Here. If you’re already a paid user of one or more Zoho apps, reach out to us and we’ll help you set the apps you need for  Free.

Meet and Communicate Online

  • Zoho Cliq
  • Zoho Meeting
  • Zoho Showtime

Collaborate and track projects

  • Zoho Projects
  • Zoho Sprint
  • Zoho WorkDrive

Assist clients, employees and colleagues remotely

  • Zoho Assist
  • Zoho Lens

Build Documents in the cloud

  • Zoho Writer
  • Zoho Sheet
  • Zoho Show

Our Top Picks from Zoho Apps

At Gravity Marketing we don’t live without:

  • Zoho Cliq for daily communication and quick calls with team members
  • Zoho Projects management of everything you need to keep people accountable and set realistic timelines. Also great to track time for projects/employees if you need it
  • Zoho Meeting for larger meetings and webinars where you control users interaction (one-way or two-way conversation)
  • Zoho CRM – to track all sales leads and open opportunities. We know it’s not included in Zoho Remotely, but you can try it for free
  • Zoho Desk – For HelpDesk and Customer Service teams- Not included in Remotely, but you can try it for free
  • Zoho Campaigns – For all mass email communication, especially useful to let your customers and prospects know about your current status, updates, new online services/products you’re promoting, or to simply keep your normal email communication going. Not included in Remotely bundle, but you can also try it for free, and it integrates with all other Zoho apps (Zoho CRM integration is especially useful).

All Zoho Remotely Apps in a glance:

Meet and Communicate Online

1. Zoho Cliq – Simple chat, audio or video

Zoho Cliq is perfect for real time conversation –messaging with your team through text, audio or video calls. We have found the best use of this tool in everyday project related communication – faster and cleaner than sending emails.


    • Create Channels for #Daily Status Meetings or for your weekly #Sales Meeting
    • Invite only key people involved in the topic of the channel
    • Create channels for specific projects/clients

Zoho Cliq also allows you to run video calls. If you want to use video calls, Zoho Cliq behaves really well up to 4 users. If you want to run a larger video meeting than go for Zoho Meeting – A more robust tool for video conferencing.

2. Zoho Meeting – Schedule Meetings across time zones, include larger audiences, share your screen, record sessions. You can also use this tool if you want to record your screen with simple instructions on how to do something. Creates a light video you can share easily with your team.

3. Zoho Showtime – For businesses with need to conduct online training courses.

Collaborate, Track Projects, Employees and Time

4. Zoho Projects – One of our favorite tools to project manage any type of project, from recurring tasks to end projects with internal and external team members

5. Zoho Sprint – For those who follow agile, create customized scrum boards and incorporate live feedback while executing projects, the agile way

6. Zoho WorkDrive – If you don’t have Microsoft Office 365 for all your files, or shared Servers and everyone with VPN access, Zoho WorkDrive can be the quick solution for your next months. Create team drives, share documents with members, and collaborate in real time to get things done.

Assist Clients, Employees and Colleagues Remotely

7. Zoho Assist is an easy tool to gain remote access to a desktop. This can be a life saver especially when you are helping your team in the firsts weeks of working from home. Take control of their desktop and help them configure everything without any face to face contact.

8. Zoho Lens is a recent tool that incorporates a dose of augmented reality capabilities that help annotate images and draw deeper insights when delivering remote assistance. It’s available in the US and EU.

Build Your Own Documents In The Cloud

We would advise using these tools if you don’t have Microsoft Office or Google docs in place.

9. Zoho Writer is a simple word processing tool that enables your real time writing, remote feedback, similar to Google docs.

10. Zoho Sheet makes simple spreadsheet creation easy by letting different collaborators contribute with data in real time.

11. Zoho Show is an easy-to-use presentation builder, that allows multiple people to work on the same slides at the same time, no versioning required.

Gravity Marketing is celebrating 10 years in the business. That’s 10 years of growing client businesses alongside our own. It’s also 10 years of trial and error, risk and reward, lessons learned, and problems solved.