Marketing Assessment

The marketing assessment is an excellent tool to help companies identify and evaluate different areas of marketing, generate ideas, and prioritize possible marketing initiatives or marketing activities. It can also facilitate the transition to a strategic marketing plan, create excitement and buy-in across the company, and help to keep key business development priorities on track.

To properly use the marketing assessment, distribute across multiple people within different departments. Not only will this eliminate bias from the assessment, it will also establish a willingness to support these efforts from the entire company. Once collected, identify your priorities by finding the statements that came back as “very important,” “not doing well,” and “easy to change,” as improving on these will provide you with the most bang for your buck. These highlighted statements are the issues you want to tackle first.

Once you have been able to identify the urgencies and implement a program to improve upon those initiatives, you can review the rest of the assessment. Create a way to numerically rank each statement. By doing this, you can prioritize the remaining items to focus on, craft your marketing initiatives, and break them out into actionable tactics with goals and numbers assigned to each.

After you have used this assessment to define the priorities and marketing goals, it is important to keep it in an accessible spot. By reviewing the assessment, you can hold yourself and team accountable to make sure you are staying on track and getting back on track if you deviate. Continuing to use the assessment and revisiting this exercise routinely (i.e. every year, every quarter) can help you follow up to see how the company has improved and/or if the priorities have changed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create excitement and buy-in by sharing this exercise with multiple departments within the company.
  • Use the assessment to identify the lowest hanging fruit to quickly implement a plan to go after it.
  • Based on the assessment, prioritize key initiatives to transition into strategic marketing tactics. Build a plan that can help you track your progress and keep you and your team focused on the same goals.
  • Use this tool as an outline of what you should be doing to help stay on track or get back on track down the road

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