Website and Application Hosting

Website and Application Hosting

Gravity Marketing provides a safe, secure harbor for your website and any application developed.

We run diagnostics and apply security updates 24/7 in order to keep the bad guys at bay. AND best of all, when a website is hosted through Gravity we provide all the technical help you need from specific hosting requests after site launch to additional custom development or web and digital consulting,

Our data center is built on top of the AWS public cloud architecture and can facilitate any hosting need, including but not limited to dedicated application servers, dedicated MSSQL and MySQL applications, as well as a wide variety of other services.

Web Service Support

All Gravity clients with hosting services can benefit from our specialized support. Talk to us about a customized support and hosting package that is best for you:

  • Standard technical support available M-F during normal business hours

  • Emergency technical support handled by our data center during off hours

  • Website hosting critical support issues will be handled within 8 hours

  • Website hosting non-critical support issues will be handled within 24 hours

  • Support issues can be sent to or by calling (414) 376-6500


We keep your website backed-up and functioning as it should so that you can stay focused on running your business. With Gravity Web Services we guarantee:

Personalized, on-the-spot management. You can reach us around the clock. If there’s a request or a problem, we’ll attend to it promptly. We monitor your website’s up-time and performance 24/7.

All of your website’s inner workings are managed in one department, so nothing gets lost – the code, setup and structure.

Our servers are optimized for your website. Ease of access enables us to stay on top of things, so if an issue does arise, we’ll be able to respond quickly with the required course of action.

When you host with Gravity Marketing, we’re more inclined to go above and beyond to help you out with special requests.

The personal touch – a genuine human connection. We care very much about your success and this obviously reflects on our own business.

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