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Everyone says they want good marketing… but do they really? We are always on the lookout for ideal clients that not only understand the need for it but are serious about creating a system that produces predictable strategic results.

Just like every business we have our ideal client. We look for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Midwest and all over the US that have an established sales team, defined executive team, and the desire to grow revenue.

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Client Testimonials

“Gravity Marketing has assisted with a nonprofit I work with and have been an invaluable asset. Nonprofits struggle to have the expertise to properly market themselves as well as the financial means to seek out that expertise. Gravity found creative ways to provide guidance and aggregate data tracking to help us gain a better sense of ownership over our organization and a clear path for growth into the future while being respectful of our financial limitations. They are currently helping us develop our new website integrating new and inventive features that will really set us apart from our local competitors and position us for our best fiscal year yet. The dramatic difference they have made for our organization is staggering. I can only imagine the incredible value they bring to their for-profit accounts. The team of Elizabeth Hockerman and Margie Heyworth have been absolute superstars to our organization. I would highly recommend the tremendous team at Gravity Marketing they are the best I have worked with yet.”

“We have the consistent marketing of a company four times our size.”

Luis Hernandez, Jr., Urethane Systems Plus

“Gravity really understands our business and orchestrates our comprehensive marketing efforts.”

Ralf Schoenfelder, IGC Technologies, LLC

Gravity did an amazing job not only building out our CRM configuration but tailoring it to our highly specific business process. They were able to take an intricate sales process, digest it, and make specific recommendations and workflows that helped our company streamline communication and improve overall efficiency.

Mitchel Peterman, Edovo

It is great working with Ana and the way she provides suggestions, techniques and training has helped out our implementation greatly!

“Wow. I’ve just never been satisfied with marketing “partners” until now. Gravity has done more in days than others have done in weeks or months.”

Perry Schroeder, President, Cornerstone Consulting

“Gravity’s approach is right there with our global partners including Cisco, Emerson and Tech Data. They provide a growing pipeline of opportunities for our sales team to close.”

“As a newby to CRM having hands-on training with someone that understood business was awesome!! Great job.”

Some of Our Clients – Thank you!

Brooks Stevens, LLC
J.D. Griffiths
Metria Innovation
Ontech Systems
Ontech Talent
Premier Magnesia, LLC
Product Prep
Stainless Foundry & Engineering, Inc.
U.S. Dairy Export Council
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