Zoho User Sessions by Gravity Marketing

Gravity Marketing launched the first and unique Zoho User Sessions in Wisconsin. These are FREE, in-person sessions where we discuss topics about Zoho CRM for Sales and other Zoho platforms. If you are a current Zoho CRM user, join us to learn and share best practices, real case applications or just tips & tricks on how to make the most of Zoho CRM from a Sales Management perspective.

Our sessions are FREE to attend, all that is required is an RSVP. To view more upcoming events click here.

Upcoming Zoho User Sessions:

April 1 – Zoho CRM Customization for Lead Generation

If interested and not on our current mailing list, email: ayardley@gravitym.com to ensure you receive an invite closer to the date of the event.)

Gravity Marketing LLC is a Zoho Authorized Partner

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