Events & Tradeshows

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Events & Tradeshows

At Gravity Marketing we have decades of hands-on experience working in a variety of event venues. We can help equip you and your sales team with the tools you need to generate and nurture leads face-to-face. We know how to plan, execute and deliver a flawless show experience that keeps you on budget and positions your business in front of potential leads. Understanding, planning and promoting an event or tradeshow is critical to the overall success of your program.

Our events and tradeshow support strategies include both social media and various marketing campaigns to engage audiences leading up to and throughout the show. And after the event, we won’t let you leave valuable leads on the tradeshow floor. We execute multi-channel follow-up tactics to turn tradeshows and meetings into meaningful conversations.

We know how to make things happen

  • Coordinate booth installation and labor, logistics and transportation
  • Help set ROI goals and determine sales and marketing strategy
  • Secure sponsorships and advertising
  • Pre, during, and post-show promotion
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