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We are all marketing rock stars and experts in our craft. It takes a great team, commitment, character, charisma and a lot of hard work to be successful in our business. Meet the Gravity Partner Team, and start a conversation today!

Mike Kuharske
Mike KuharskePresident
Specialty: Business Development, Sales, Marketing Strategy

Fun Fact: Quit playing softball, volleyball, golf and ice hockey to launch Gravity Marketing.

About: Mike has over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales and advertising in industries including health care, commercial real estate, technology, staffing, insurance, financial services, legal, non-profit, manufacturing, architecture and printing. His career has included strategic marketing, creative development, and sales and marketing analysis.

Elizabeth Hockerman
Elizabeth HockermanPartner, VP Content & Ops
Specialty: Content Development, Marketing & Public Relations

Fun Fact: Can repeat a story back, practically verbatim.

About: A Chicago native, Elizabeth moved to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University. Her journalism curriculum sent her all over the city, from covering local businesses, interviewing politicians and conducting research, to completing multiple internships. After falling in love with Milwaukee – and her future husband – she officially became a transplant. Elizabeth now has more than 15 years of reporting and public relations experience, along with numerous awards for her work across manufacturing, technology, agriculture, construction and professional services industries.

Ana Yardley
Ana YardleyPartner, VP Digital Marketing
Specialty: Digital Growth, Digital Marketing Strategy, Sales & Marketing automation

Fun Fact: Moved to Milwaukee for the long Summer.

About: With an international background, Ana has over 14 years’ experience working with organizations to grow their business through a digital transformation of their products, services, marketing and sales processes. She has worked with companies like Microsoft, Google and SMB’s across the US and Europe to grow their sales through different marketing channels. Ana’s motivation is to contribute to growth in businesses and people. Ana has an MBA from Manchester Business School in the UK, and is always on the lookout for what’s next to learn.

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