Prospecting, lead generation, and lead qualification cannot be done in a vacuum. Helping a company go from blissfully oblivious about your brand to becoming a loyal customer can take time and multiple touches. Sales and marketing are most effective when they work together, in synch with the same strategy for business development.

Gravity Marketing serves as the Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) for multiple U.S.-based manufacturing companies. Located offsite, our marketing team works as one with our clients’ executive and sales teams. We join weekly sales calls, are active in strategic planning sessions, and participate in board meetings. Together, we develop and execute a strategy to grow each business in key markets. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far with one of our clients.

Driven by Results

Consistent growth of a qualified prospects database. We’ve worked with sales to identify key markets and the decision-makers within them. Then we use email marketing, content marketing, and proactive outreach to qualify potential customers based on pre-defined measures set by the team.

Website traffic doubled in one year. Gravity’s in-house website development expertise helped pinpoint technical updates that would improve the client’s website health. Coupled with consistent content updates and website promotion through email, social media, and company experts, the client’s website ranks high when people are in search of their services on Google and other platforms.


Growth in volume of leads per month. The client is attracting and managing an increasing number of leads because sales, marketing, and engineering are equipped with tools that align their company’s solutions with its target customers’ needs. From the website strategy, to printed materials, to a CRM, customers and prospects are hearing about our client and reaching out to learn more.

Growth in RFQs and sales from new prospects. It’s one thing to support a successful sales team in nurturing its existing customer relationships. But we also understand the lifetime value a new customer can provide. The marketing team’s goal is to widen the sales funnel so the sales team can focus on new hot leads together with the responsiveness the company is known for.

When you look at any long-term customer of any company, multiple departments are working in different ways to earn and keep that loyalty – from account management and product development, to customer service and executive leadership. The more marketing and sales emulate that for new customers, the more predictable, and sustainable, the lead generation process will become.

Gravity Marketing’s Virtual Marketing Services

Every VMO client is assigned a team that consists of a Strategist, a Marketing Manager and a Marketing Coordinator, with in-house access to Web Developers and Graphic Designers when needed. This team of marketing gurus works for your organization to evaluate and implement strategic marketing plans that generate results.


Ready to Grow Your Business?

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