In the beginning of 2020, the Gravity Marketing team set out to learn more about how we can influence our website traffic and search engine optimization (SEO) health. We challenged ourselves to weave traffic-driving and SEO-building tactics into the fabric of our 2020 marketing strategy. That way, we could naturally boost our web presence while meeting our lead generation and sales goals. (And without cannibalizing a teammate’s time).

Highlights of our results and details of our efforts are listed below.


All of our traffic-driving and SEO-building tactics supported the strategic initiatives we had already planned for the year. This is important to us as a business-to-business (B2B) company, and our clients, because our ultimate goal of driving people to the website is to convert a visitor to a business lead. We did not want to spend all of our time improving SEO and traffic, only to find we have not attracted the most qualified audience who is ready to make a purchase.

The following are some of the tactics we employed to promote Gravity Marketing in 2020 that were directly tied to our website traffic and SEO health. Onsite Tactics

  • We committed to adding 1-2 blog posts per month in addition to event registration pages, advertising landing pages, and free marketing tool downloads. Every time we added a page, we included the following:
    • Unique keyword that best described the content on the page (usually found in the URL, page title, and throughout the body copy)
    • Meta description so we could control how the page appeared in a search engine result
    • Featured Image and Excerpt so the page could easily, and attractively be shared on social media channels and mobile devices
    • Permission for search engines to index the page
  • We developed (and adhered to!) a content calendar with topics selected for our target audiences and the information they would find valuable at each stage of their buying journey.
    • Some new content additions this year were event recaps for anyone who missed out, and dedicated landing pages for each white paper and tool we have available for download. Offsite Tactics

One of our company philosophies is that marketing should build community (aka Gravity) around your organization, and your website is the town square equivalent. It’s where people go to browse, learn, engage, and connect with your company. So for as many activities as we employed onsite to convert visitors to leads, we were busier offsite building awareness that drove people in.

Offsite tactics that linked people back to our website included:

  • Connecting with our entire mailing list monthly through an ePublication
  • Connecting with targeted segments of our mailing list monthly through email campaigns
  • Bi-monthly Zoho User Sessions open to the public but requiring registration
  • Quarterly Marketing Webinars open to the public but requiring registration
  • Job openings
  • Managing social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Running B2B Facebook ads to promote our VMO service

A Systematic Process

The Gravity team is proud to roll out of 2020 with a challenge accomplished and insights aplenty. It is important to note that while our content pivoted as COVID-19 progressed, our marketing approach and tactics remained the same. We are already applying these key learnings to the 2021 marketing strategies we create for our clients as their Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO) and outsourced marketing team.