The simple answer is yes. Exactly how? – That is a bit more challenging.

By leverage I don’t mean disgusting profiteering from the fear and uncertainty of the crisis. Likewise, businesses and marketers especially, need to actively avoid any disingenuousness akin to “greenwashing” when it comes to sustainability.

As business leaders our responsibility during Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic is to maintain as much business continuity and growth as possible for the sake of our employees, customers, suppliers and the broader economy. We have to continue to sell.

The pandemic is impacting marketing for every company, it’s just a matter of how specifically or dramatically. Whether Covid-19 is just a disruption or ushering in long-term trends in how people work and socialize is up for debate, either way, here are some thoughts you might find helpful in determining how to react:

Two immediate impacts

  1. Social Distancing will drive dramatic increases in online engagement, social media, streaming and traditional media consumption – does reaching consumer or B2B employees this way make sense?
  2. The appetite for content related to Coronavirus and Covid-19 will be insatiable – does your company have unique insights or helpful knowledge that could lead to positive public relations or content opportunities?

A few other trends/thoughts:

  • An increase in older individuals embracing online shopping out of necessity.
  • Increased interest in cooking and home related content.
  • Shifts to preference for more meaningful experiences rather than just product purchases.
  • An increase in the openness to meaningful interaction – Could this actually make it easier for B2B sales outreach, web meetings, or even a reason to schedule live webinars?
  • Does this crisis change how you need to message to your audience?

As this crisis continues to play out, I’ll probably have more to add to this list. This crisis will certainly impact consumer behavior long into the future especially for the Zoomer generation, much like 9/11 and the Great Recession have for my generation.

If you have an observation about how marketing is being impacted, please reach out! Or if you need help with your marketing during these trying times, we’re here for it.